5-11 August 2024

The below theme, information and resources are from Loneliness Awareness Week 2023.

Right now, more than 6 million Australians feel lonely. That’s 1 in 3 people.

Your friend, neighbour, parent, partner, child, or colleague could be feeling lonely.
Why? Because loneliness is less about how many people you’re surrounded by, and more about how connected you feel to those people. It can affect anyone.

Despite how common loneliness is, 1 in 2 people are too embarrassed to talk about it due to misconceptions and stigma within our community. But we need to. Because persistent loneliness can lead to heart conditions, mental ill health, dementia, and premature death.

Reducing loneliness is a goal we must tackle together, as a country.

This year, for Australia’s first Loneliness Awareness Week, we’re shining a spotlight on the millions of Australians who are #LonelyNotAlone by sharing real stories and facts, and we’re encouraging everyone to take steps towards connection.




1 in 3 Australians feel lonely

are ashamed when they feel lonely

don’t talk to anyone about feeling lonely

of Australians believe people would feel less lonely if they knew more people

of Australians know how to explain what loneliness is

State of the Nation Report

Social Connection in Australia 2023

A deep-dive into Loneliness and Social Isolation

Insights from over 4000 people aged 18 years and over provide a snapshot of Australia’s understanding and experiences of loneliness and social isolation.

The report does a deep dive into the knowledge, concealment, community stigma, and shame towards loneliness in Australian society. It also explores the impacts of loneliness on health, wellbeing, and workplace productivity.

Loneliness affects everyone, even those you’d never expect.
Listen to the stories of Australians from all walks of life.


26-year young above knee amputee and social connection advocate talks openly about how loneliness impacted his life.


In 2021 Telstra captured the reality of loneliness by talking to Australians and sharing their story.

Download our resources and complete free training to better understand loneliness.



Feel more confident in how to recognise when someone is feeling lonely and what you can do to support.

A free 10-minute video for everyone – individuals, family members, health professionals and workplaces.

Create Connections

We can all create opportunities for Australians to build meaningful social connections.


Think about your interests and values, as well as what you have access to. Explore activities or groups around those interests so you can connect with likeminded people


Start the conversation with students on the importance of meaningful social connection – not just with same age peers, but also their capacity to develop meaningful connections with mentors, teachers, and the school community.


Find out what your employees are interested in. Host regular events or gatherings unrelated to work that allow people to connect on a deeper level.


Organise safe spaces and places for people to meet and hang out with each other.  Encourage people to get to know more than each other’s name.

If you are feeling lonely, you can search our national directory to find groups, organisations and services in your local area to help you connect with others and build meaningful relationships.

Start conversations and spread the word online by downloading our campaign assets.
Don’t forget to use #LonelyNotAlone and #LonelinessAwarenessWeekAU and tag Ending Loneliness Together.

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Supporter Pack

Reducing loneliness is a goal we must tackle together.
Thank you to our partners who are taking steps to raise awareness of loneliness and support all Australians in building meaningful social connections.



Bolton Clarke has been caring for Australians since 1885 and today supports more than 130,000 people at home and in their 38 retirement villages and 87 residential aged care homes. Their programs and services support connections with families and communities.


Medibank has a 10-year commitment to addressing loneliness in Australia. Their new season of ‘We are Lonely’ podcast follows the journey of four young people and their experience of loneliness.


As an insurer, AIA is helping raise awareness by educating communities about loneliness and its impacts on population health, wellbeing and productivity.


Since 1924, Frasers Property has worked to ensure the communities they create leave a positive environmental and social legacy. As part of this culture, they sponsored the creation of The Great Separation, a ground-breaking documentary exploring the causes, impacts and solutions to loneliness.

Loneliness Awareness Week in the Spotlight

The conversation has started about loneliness, let’s keep the momentum going.

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